Library Faculty and Professionals Assembly

Unclassified Professionals Committee

Members 2015-2016

Kathy Lafferty, 2014-2016
Jules Woodrick, 2014-2016
Victoria Williams, 2015-2017
Jocelyn Wehr, LFPA Exec. Liaison

Members 2014-2015

Kathy Lafferty, 2014-2016
Stephanie Scurto, 2013-2015
Jules Woodrick, 2014-2016
Meredith Huff, LFPA Exec. Liaison

Members 2013-2014

Jeromy Horkman, 2012-2014
Stephanie Scurto, 2013-2015
Malgorzata Stamm 2012-2014
Rhonda Houser, LFPA Exec. Liaison

Members 2012-2013

Michele Lubbers, Chair, 2012-2013
Jeromy Horkman, Secretary, 2012-2014
Malgorzata Stamm 2012-2014
Adrienne Sanders, LFPA Exec. Liaison

Members 2011-2012

Letha Johnson, Chair 2010-2012
Michelle Lubbers, Secretary 2012-2014
Brad Engelbert 2010-2012
Mary Raple, LFPA Exec. Liaison

Members 2010-2011

Monica Claassen-Wilson, Chair, 2009-2011
Brad Engelbert, Secretary, 2010-2012
Letha Johnson, 2010-2012
Kim Glover, LFPA Exec. Liaison

Members 2009-2010

Rhonda Houser, Chair 2008-2010
Monica Claassen-Wilson, Secretary 2009-2011
Bayliss Harsh, 2008-2010
Letha Johnson, LFPA Exec. Liaison

Members 2008-2009

John Brandau, Chair 2008-2009
Bayliss Harsh, 2008-2010
Rhonda Houser, 2008-2010
Sarah Kanning, LFPA Exec. Liaison


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Top 50 nationwide for size of library collection
—American Library Association
KU ScholarWorks offers access to more than 13,000 items created by KU faculty and students
An international leader in the open access movement
Users check out nearly 300,000 items every year
Users access more than 3.3 million articles online each year
More than 111,000 scores, books, sound recordings, and other volumes in Music & Dance Library
Anschutz Library serves as KU’s 24-hour study facility for students
More than 700 Vosper Society members support the mission of KU Libraries
One of 34 U.S. public institutions in the prestigious Association of American Universities
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