Library Faculty and Professionals Assembly

Unclassified Professionals Committee

Standing Charges The Unclassified Professionals Committee shall solicit, develop and bring forward issues of importance to the Unclassified Professionals. The Unclassified Professionals Committee shall be appointed by the Library Faculty and Professionals Assembly Executive Committee and be composed of three members. Unclassified Professionals Committee members shall serve two-year overlapping terms and shall select a presiding officer and a recording secretary. 

Special Charges 2012-2013:

Help communicate upcoming changes to organizational structure, staff development, evaluation process, promotion structure (if applicable), and progress on the new strategic plan as pertains to Unclassified Staff.

Special Charges 2011-2012:

Investigate and review promotion policies for unclassified staff from other institutions. Make recommendations to DC Exec.

Special Charges 2010-2011:
  1. Review the committee webpage, including links to annual reports, minutes, and membership, on the LFPA Intranet.  Provide any suggested new information, links, and updates to the Secretary of LFPA Executive Committee. The website is the way this committee communicates to the full LFPA and should provide current and complete information.   
  2. Collaborate with the Libraries Organization and Staff Development Council to co-sponsor a program or activity of interest to unclassified professionals.
Special Charges 2009-2010:
  • The Committee shall stay aware of, and report on, activities of the University Unclassified Senate to their library membership. The Committee shall consider whether this special charge should be taken to the Assembly for a vote to move to a standing charge, and provide feedback to LFPA Exec early in the Fall semester on this matter.
  • Based on the proposal offered and accepted by Exec. last year, the committee shall write procedures, application forms, and document processes for a KU Libraries Unclassified Professional Excellence Award, and provide to LFPA Exec these documents for review and then to the Dean for final approval. The Dean will be asked to assign a review of applications (possibly to this Committee) and deadlines and award amounts.

Special Charges 2008-2009

  • The Committee shall produce minutes of all meetings within two weeks of meeting occurrence, and post those minutes to the LFPA UPC Web site.
  • The Committee shall develop a committee web page on the LFPA web site. The Committee shall, by November 1, 2008, review and make recommendations on the annual evaluation procedures and forms for Unclassified Professionals, specifially focusing on the inclusion of service and research and how they should be evaluated.
  • The Committee shall stay aware and report on activities of the University Unclassified Senate.
  • The Committee shall Develop a proposal for a KU Libraries Unclassified Professional Employee of the Year award.

NOTE - link in 2009-2009 goes to staff intranet

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