Library Faculty and Staff Assembly

Committee on Salaries and Benefits

Standing Charges The Committee on Salaries and Benefits, in consultation with the library administration and the Library Faculty and Professionals Assembly, shall prepare such reports and statistical studies as may be needed to support the library’s budget request for salaries and shall seek ways to educate staff concerning benefit options. The Committee on Salaries and Benefits shall be composed of three members of the Library Faculty and Professionals Assembly, appointed by the Executive Committee and the Libraries’ Executive Director of Administrative Services (ex officio). The appointed members shall serve two-year overlapping terms and shall select a presiding officer and a recording secretary. 

Special Charges 2017-2018

1. Continue to promote the Star Benefits program, working with the appropriate HR representative to do so. 

Special Charges 2015-2016

1. Assess the need for this committee to remain one of the LFPA standing committees.

Special Charges 2012-2013

1. Complete and distribute the professional development support survey. Review the survey results and use to formulate recommendations to LFPA Exec regarding travel/professional development funding.
2. Work with the ad hoc committee assigned to review the faculty evaluation plan in order to inform the committee on salary-related issues (LFPA Exec. withdrew this charge).

Special Charges 2011-2012

1. This committee is coming of hiatus and thus lacks continuing members. The new committee members are to decide who will service one year appointments and who will be serving on the committee for two years. See the Code and Bylaws for LFPA for additional information about the overlapping appointments.
2. Investigate Travel/Professional Development funding possibilities and review policies from other institutions. Make recommendations to LFPA Exec.
3. Investigate compression studies and report back to LFPA Exec with a proposed project prospectus for conducting a compression study in FY2013. Elements of the report and plan should include:
criteria for gathering information
     -What time of year is best to conduct a compression study
     -Pros and cons of conducting a compression study if no funding available for pay increases
     -Estimate the financial cost involved in conducting the study
     -Other information as needed

Special Charges 2009-2010

1. Since it has been a while since this committee’s charges have been reviewed, the committee is charged this year with reviewing all of its standing and special charges carefully. Consider what is needed and not needed in these charges, where the gaps or overlap exist with other committees’ charges and activities. Contact and confer with other LFPA committees or library entities if necessary and offer suggestions to reword the standing or special charges based upon your findings.

2. Review you web pages on the LFPA’s site—consider rewording the descriptive text or adding a paragraph summarizing the committee’s purpose if one does not exist right now. The website is the way this committee communicates out to LFPA. Also review links to annual reports, minutes, membership and provide suggested links and updates to the Secretary of LFPA Executive Committee.

Special Charges 2007-2008

1. The Committee shall produce minutes of all meetings within two weeks of a meeting taking place and will send those minutes to the LFA Exec Secretary (Jon Giullian) for posting on the LFA Web site.

2. Review the FY07 ad-hoc committee report to determine what specific actions can be taken to encourage librarians at the LII level to seek promotion to LIII.

3. Maintain awareness of the Faculty Senate Faculty Compensation Committee charges and progress.

Special Charges 2006-2007

1. The Committee will produce minutes of all meetings within two weeks of a meeting taking place and will send those minutes to LFA Secretary, Brian Rosenblum, so that he may publish then on the LFA Web site.

2. Work with the Library Human Resources Officer to raise awareness of lesser known benefits for library staff through links on the library staff intranet site and planning an annual program for library staff that highlights staff benefits that have changed recently, lesser known benefits, and library-specific benefits.

3. Produce a report with recommendations for the new Dean to motivate and provide incentives for LII’s to go up to LIII status. (Report should include a survey of incentives used by other universities. Recommendations might include such motivational factors as more travel money, grants and other research support, more pay, etc.)

4. Study the impact IS-wide merit raise process on faculty and unclassified professional staff in the Libraries. Report findings to LFA Exec in December.

Special Charges 2005-2006

1. Please be sure the Committee produces minutes of all meetings, and publishes those minutes on the Web in a timely fashion. The minutes only need approval by the originating Committee; approval by the LFA Executive Committee is not necessary. An electronic copy of the minutes should go to the secretary of the LFA Executive Committee. Please use a standardized naming convention, such as the abbreviated name of the committee and the date of the meeting. (For example, notes of the LFA Executive Committee for July 11, 2005, would be named “LFAEXEC071105.DOC.”) The secretary will ensure that a copy goes to the University Archives. (For 2005-2006 the secretary is Keith Russell.)

2. Please investigate little-known additional benefits that are available to staff either as KU employees or state employees, and help ensure that that information is broadly shared. There are, for example, special discounts available for rental cars and hotel rooms for university employees, even if the travel is not work related. Apparently any KU employee can apply for a VISA card. Please consult with Benefits Staff at the Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity (Madi Vannaman and Rhonda Mosby), and with Donna Brewer in the Libraries office.

3. Please investigate why more LII s do not go up for LIII. Long term LIIs could be interviewed or surveyed to determine why they have not submitted files for promotion. LIIIs could be interviewed or surveyed to determine what the benefits are in promotion. If needed, Susan Craig has offered to help the Committee design a survey. Please make recommendations on how we can encourage more LII s to go for promotion, and how any actual or perceived barriers can be removed or reduced. Please be prepared to present results and any recommendations at the Spring LFA general meeting.

Special Charges 2004-2005

Committee Web pages must be updated by calendar year end 2004. Information to be maintained includes: current committee membership, committee description, current (standing and special) charges, current fiscal year minutes, and annual reports from previous years.

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