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LFPA CRSA General Research Fund (GRF)

General Research Fund (GRF)


FY18 GRF Handbook (doc)

Guidelines for competition (Adapted for KU Libraries)

FY18 GRF Guidelines (pdf)

FY18 GRF Application (editable pdf)

For further opportunities to fund library projects, see information on the Libraries Research Fund (LRF).

General Research Fund (GRF) Recipients

2015-2016 (For funding in FY2017)

1. Brian Rosenblum, Digital Scholarship and Libraries: Current and Emerging Trends:  $6,000

2014-2015 (For funding in FY2016)

1. Ada Emmett and Michelle Reed, Undergraduates Speak: Our Rights and Access: $3,500

2. Brian Rosenblum and Elika Ortega, Software and Hardware Explorations for the Preservation and Access of Early Electronic Literature (1984-1994): $2,500

2013-2014 (for funding in FY2015)

1. Frances Devlin, Jon Giullian, and Betsaida Reyes, Usability of Library E-Collections on Tablet Devices: Practitioner’s Perspectives

2012-2013 (for funding in FY2014)

1. Becky Schulte, The History of the Jayhawk, amount of the award: $2,386.00

2. Tami Albin, “Looking in the Margins of the Margins of the Kansas City Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,Transgender and Queer Commnunity,” amount of award: $3,658.00.

2011-2012 (for funding in FY2013)

1. Karen Cook -- Design of George Bellas Greenough’s Geographical Map of England and Wales

2. Whitney Baker -- Windowshield decalcomania: A preservation study

2010-2011 (for funding in FY2012)

1.Tami Albin -- Under the Rainbow: Oral Histories of GLBTIQ People in Kansas

2. Karen Cook -- Study of Design Disparities among the mid-19th-c "Cartes Geologiques Departementales" of France

2009-2010 (for funding in FY2011)

1. Shiferaw Assefa -- The Verbal System in Amharic

2. Whitney Baker -- Bumper Stickers -- Preserving the Message

2008-2009 (for funding FY2010)

1.Tami Albin -- Under the Rainbow: Oral Histories of GLBTIQ People in Kansas

2. Karen Cook -- Comparing the Utility of Analog Original versus Digital Map Images of History of Cartography Research: A Case Study of Design Disparities among the "Cartes Geologiques Departementales" of France

2007-2008 (for funding in FY2009)

Rhonda Houser -- History Mapper: Interactive Online Map of Douglas County Aerial Photographs through Time.


No data

2005-2006 (for funding in FY2007)

1. Karen Cook -- Strategies for Survival at Hermannsburg Mission, Central Australia, 1877-1978 -- travel expenses and photocopying costs
2. Fran Devlin -- Assessing the Kansas Academic Cooperative Chat Service -- salary for student assistant and travel expenses
3. Lyn Wolz -- Janet Blunt: Folk Song Collector -- travel expenses

2004-2005 (for funding in FY2006)

1.Rhonda Houser -- Georeferencing of historic aerial photographs of Douglas County, Kansas
2. Ken Lohrentz -- From the bookstalls of Onitsha Market to the Internet: digitizing popular Nigerian literature.

2003-2004 (for funding in FY2005)

1. Karen Cook -- Travel and photocopying expenses to support research on a historical investigation of the technology of map production for photomechanical reproduction
2. Brad Schaffner and Brian Baird -- Travel expenses to evaluate the condition of materials held in the National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague

2002-2003 (for funding in FY2004)

1. Tami Albin -- Prison Libraries: Dissemination or Discipline of Knowledge?
2. Brad Schaffner -- Bibliography of the Soviet Union: Its Predecessors and Successors. Volume II
Fiscal Year 2000-2002 GRF Outcomes Report

2001-2002 (for funding in FY2003)

1. Brian Baird -- Utah citizen reactions to and opinion of the U.S. Civil War
2. Susan Craig -- Studying current practices in art and architecture libraries

2000-2001 (for funding in FY2002)

1. Brian Baird -- Native American and Mormon relations in Utah during the Black Hawk War in Utah, 1865-1872
2. Becky Schulte -- Capturing, preserving, and accessing the Web sites of left and right wing political groups in America

1999-2000 (for funding in FY2001)

1. Brian Baird -- Government and Lemhi Indian relations during the early 1900s
2. Nancy Burich -- Developing a program of library services to support distance education at KU

1998-1999 (for funding in FY2000)

1. Vickie Doll -- Student typist to type the Cineses text of "An annotated chronology of twentieth century China"
2. Cindy Pierard -- Teaching the digital library with an interactive tutorial and quiz.< /p>

1997-1998 (for funding in FY1999)

1. Brian Baird -- Local leadership, economic pressures, and technological developments on improvements in irrigation practices in Mink Creek, Idaho.
2. George Gibbs -- Authority control in client/server systems in large academic libraries

1996-1997 (for funding in FY1998)

1. Gordon Anderson -- Transformation of the Polish press since 1989.
2. Rick Clement -- Printing in Anglo-Saxon type, 1565-1630
3. Brad Schaffner -- Research to compile information for a bibliography of Russian language dictionaries

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