Current Membership of LFSA Committees

Fiscal Year 2018-2019

For membership of LFPA committees prior to the transition to LFSA in 2016, see the LFPA Archive.


LFSA Executive Committee

Emily Anne Beran: Co-Chair (email)
Lars Leon: Co-Chair (email)
Sunita Gandhi: Vice Chair (email)
Marla Schleuder: Co-Secretary (email)
Neal Axton: Co-Secretary (email)
Betsaida Reyes: Member (email)


LFA Executive Committee

Lars Leon: Chair (email)
Betsaida Reyes: Vice-Chair/ Chair-Elect (email)
Neal Axton: Secretary (email)
Jill Becker: Assistant librarian (email)
Angie Rathmel: Associate librarian (email)
Scott McEathron: Librarian  (email)
Marcella Huggard: Member-at-large (email)


LSA Executive Committee​

Emily Anne Beran: Chair (email)
Marla Schleuder: Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (email)
Sunita Gandhi: Secretary (email)
Meredith Huff: Member at large (email)
Evan Washechek: Member at large (email)
Brian Moss: Member at large (email)


Committee on Promotion and Tenure

Deborah Dandridge: 2017-2020 (email)
Fran Devlin: 2016-2019 (email)
Jamene Brooks-Kieffer: 2018-2021 (email)
Geoff Husic: 2018-2021 (email)
Michiko Ito: 2018-2021 (email)

LFA Exec liaison: Scott McEathron (email)


Sabbatical Leave and Post-Tenure Review Committee

Brian Rosenblum: 2017-2019 (email)
Sherri Williams: 2017-2019 (email)
Karen Cook: 2017-2019 (email)
Sara Morris, 2018-2020 (email)
Elspeth Healey, 2018-2020 (email)

LFA Exec liaison: Jill Becker (email)


Committee on the Code

Neal Axton: 2018-2020 (email)
Roger Anderson: 2017-2019 (email)
Natalie Mahan: 2017-2019 (email)

LFSA Exec liaison: Neal Axton (email)


Committee on Research and Scholarly Activities

Scott Cossel: 2018-2020 (email)
Lynn Ward: 2018-2020 (email)
Karna Younger: 2018-2019 (email)
Andi Back: 2018-2019 (email)
Lyn Wolz: 2018-2020 (email)

LFSA Exec liaison: Marla Schleuder (email)


Nominating & Ballot Committee

Chris Bohling: 2017-2019 (email)
Jon Giullian: 2018-2020 (email)
Brian Rosenblum: 2018-2020 (email)

LFSA Exec liaison: Betsaida Reyes (email)


Committee on Salaries and Benefits

Samantha Bishop Simmons: 2018-2020 (email)
Ann Snow: 2018-2020 (email)
Erin Wolfe: 2018-2019 (email)
Carmen Orth-Alfie: 2017-2019 (email)
Mike Broadwell, ex officio (email)
Shannon Royer, ex officio (email)

LFSA Exec liaison: Emily Anne Beran (email)

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